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Credit cards and same-day loans are two of the main sources of borrowing available to Americans. Since they help customers achieve the same goal, they have a lot of things in common. For example, they both can

When someone is desperate to borrow money, they are not in a position of power and more vulnerable to dealing with predatory lenders. The latter generally uses fraudulent schemes to lead a customer into accepting payment terms

One of the common questions that come up when considering payday loans is whether they emerge on your credit report. The short answer is no. Unlike traditional sources of financing, payday loans are not factored into your

Sure, payday loans are incredibly easy and quick to use while waiting for your next paycheck to come. The amount is small – typically $500 or less. You are meant to pay it off on your next

You can think of your credit as your history as a borrower. That’s why new and existing loans are the most crucial factors in your history. However, credit is complicated as it may fluctuate throughout the entire

Generally speaking, you need to demonstrate your financial stability to a lending provider in order to get a loan application approved. However, this stability should not necessarily come from a traditional source of income, such as a